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Courts des Iles festival In Hagen castle (Noumea, New caledonia)

In foreshadowing of La Foa Film Festival , the South Province is pleased to present the eight winning short films at the festival ” Short of the islands ‘ 2015 Wednesday, June 24 at 19h at the Chateau Hagen .

On this occasion , the Castle Hagen will be open from 14h to 19h to allow the pre- visit to the exhibition Marteaud Aline da Silva, in homage to the Home Office responsible for the filming of the Directorate of Culture recently died.

Festival Courts des îles 205 du 9 au 15 mars 2015The APICA, an association for the promotion of images, creation, and the arts, based in French Polynesia organizes from March 7th to 13th, 2016, the third edition of the International Festival of Short Fiction Films from the Islands of the World: Courts des îles. The perspective of island directors at the heart of the “Courts des îles” Festival

The APICA wishes to highlight island sensitivities from all over the world through their audiovisual and cinematic creations, by gathering them around a unique event: The International Festival of Short Fiction Films from the Islands of the World, Courts des îles.

From Java to Madagascar, from Iceland to New Zealand, from the Bahamas to Guadeloupe, from Hawaii to Tasmania… Courts des îles hopes to be an open window on island cultures, singular of pluralistic, a link between these young creators, directors from the islands of the world who tell us their stories.

The winners of the 2nd edition of the Courts des îles

Festival Courts des îles 2015. Prix du public• They call me the kid de Mark Tehnsuko (Royaume-Uni – 14’50) Prix du scénario
• Over the moon de James Cunningham (Nouvelle-Zélande – 7’13) Prix « Coup de cœur » n°1
• Basaan de Gino José (Philippines – 15’16) Prix « Coup de cœur » n°2
• Mr Plastimime de Daniel Greaves (Royaume-Uni – 9’) Prix spécial du comité de sélection pour les films d’animation
• The landing de Josh Tanner (Australie – 17’46) Prix du public
• Heimanám de Birnir Sigurdsson (Islande – 6’05) Prix « Premiers films »
• Te hope’araa no Hina de Leia Chang Soi (Polynésie Française – 2’45) Encouragements du jury pour son premier film
• We are nobody de Pablo Fajardo (Canaries – 19’55) Grand Prix du jury

The Hagen Castle

Festival Courts des Iles au Château HagenRue du révérend Père Roman
Vallée des colons
New Calédonia
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n° vert : 08 75 80
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